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Therapy Services

I enjoy working with clients collaboratively to gain access to your existing emotional intelligence, strengths and resources that can support lasting change and solutions. 

I have experience in treating:





Domestic Violence

Relationship issues

Adjustment to lifestyle changes


Individual Therapy For Adolescents & Adults

Learn to communicate more effectively in your life as well as handle emotions and stress with customized coping skills.  We can work on reducing anxiety, improving your depressive symptoms or processing past traumas if/when you are ready.  Sometimes just figuring out how to improve your ways of handling stress are skills I can guide you in. 


Couples Therapy For Those In A Committed Relationship

Often, couples can benefit from learning to effectively  communicate in order to repair any damage that may have been done in their relationship.  Looking at ourselves and our own thoughts, feelings and behaviors is important while supporting your partner to do the same.  I can help guide couples in gaining and utilizing these types of skills.  

Making small changes can create fantastic changes!

I can help to set goals as a couple that include an increase in listening skills, managing emotions, integrating self-care and prioritizing quality time.  These interventions can help intimacy and emotional closeness.


Family Therapy

Members of your family are welcome to participate throughout your therapeutic journey and we will focus on the relationship between family members while de-constructing family patterns and the family narrative in an effort to make positive changes.  

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